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Welcome to your one-stop shop for yoga accessories. Whether you’re an avid yogi or looking to try something new, we have affordable props to meet you wherever you are on your yoga journey.
We are passionate about yoga and fitness products because we know how important health and wellness is for the mind and body. The biggest investment you can make in your life is an investment in your health.
Our props and accessories are just handy tools to help you along the road to prioritizing your health, whether by practicing yoga for 10 minutes in your living room, or taking off for an hour long class at the studio in your neighbourhood.
Let us help you strengthen your commitment to mindfulness, to wellness, to yourself. Time to find your perfect prop!

Our Products

Yoga Block (Pink) - Price $14.99
Yoga Block (Blue) - Price $14.99
Yoga Block (Cork) - Price $24.99
Yoga Balls - Price $32.99
Bosu Balls - Price $139.99
Yoga Wheels - Price $49.99
Yoga Mats - Price $35.99
Yoga Towels - Price $15.00
Yoga Straps - Price $14.99
Foam Roller - Price $45.99
Moon Roller - Price $26.99
Classic Roller - Price $24.99
Water Bottle 946ml (Blue) - Price $29.99
Water Bottle 750ml (Black) - Price $21.99
Water Bottle 750ml (Silver) - Price $21.99
Water Bottle 750ml (Red) - Price $21.99

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